ESCISA has the opportunity to offer machines and accessories for stringing operations, and equipment for the construction and maintenance of infrastructures for energy transport and distribution. Equipments that have been used for the construction of innumerable power lines worldwide and in voltages of up to 1000 kV and eight conductors per phase.

These Stringing equipment are made using state of the art technology and top-quality components, in order to guarantee the best stringing performance.

Stringing machines, accessories and specific tools are suitable for:

- High, Extra and Ultra high voltage overhead transmission lines.

- Medium voltage distribution lines.

- Fiber optic lines (OPGW).

- Underground cables.

Other products  include pulleys, anti-twisting steel braided ropes, hydraulic compressor, joints, aluminum alloy inspection trolley, clamps, mesh sock joints, connectors, swivel joint and all the other accessories required for stringing of overhead lines (including Stringing operation with helicopter), and underground.