ESCISA has the opportunity to provide components for high voltage cables and overhead power lines worldwide.


Accessories for cable systems:


Accessories for cable systems:

Cable systems require a wide set of fulfillments for connection technology through its components: it is needed to cover a wide range of cable types, be easy to install, and remain maintenance free for decades. Cable accessories meet all these requirements. They are available for almost all types of plastic insulated cables up to 550 kV. The cable terminals are available in the conventional design filled with oil or cutting-edge design of the dry type, in the slide-on version. We also offer a self-supporting Terminal to be installed on towers of overhead lines that may even be pre-installed on the floor.

 The joint system for cable systems with the proven and tested slip-on technology provides maximum operational safety and can be installed in a very short period of time.


The dry and plug-in type of CONNEX system is contact proof, maintenance-free, suitable for outdoor use, waterproof and therefore ideal for transformers and distribution systems that are gas insulated - GIS. The gas insulated CONNEX systems can even be used to create plug-in connections in High Voltage cables.

Expertise and special care is needed to install high-voltage components.


In ESCISA assemblers have been properly trained, who can install the accessories for your projects, no matter where you are in the Latin American continent and under a turnkey solution.


As for the joints they can be provided in different types, up to 300 kV, depending on the technical requirements of each project:


  1. One MSA piece Joints.
  2. Three pieces Joints for transition between different types of cables.
  3. Fiber optic cable Joints.
  4. Different types of cases that cover a wide spectrum of needs of environment protection, mechanical impacts etc.
  5. Different solutions for the grounding system, with the output or continuity display.


Along with our wide range of services, ESCISA can offer complete turnkey solutions that are reliable and competitively priced.