Highly qualified staff members with demonstrated competence, years of experience in the techniques of cable systems and a variety of projects undertaken within and outside the country, guarantee the quality and performance of our services:

1) For new cable systems: 

  1. Study and optimization of materials through different technologies.
  2. Installation of cables under various forms, such as:
  3. Installation directly buried in trenches.
  4. Installation in bank duct.
  5. Installation in tunnels and galleries.
  6. Installation in vertical ducts.
  7. Installing accessories: terminals, derivation joints, etc.
  8. Installation and connection of IEC type terminals or plug-in CONNEX to GIS type, transformers, cells, etc.
  9. Installation of grounding system.
  10. Installation of temperature monitoring for new and existing cables.
  11. Dismantling and recovery of old cables.
  12. Commissioning electrical tests in medium and high voltage based on IEC standards.

2) For existing cable system, includes: evaluation - maintenance and repair: 

Diagnosis: The diagnosis is an important tool to determine the current status of the various systems components, providing a guide to identify the actions required to ensure reliable and continued operation and also to develop a strategy to focus resources on those actions that will have the maximum impact on the benefits of the company.


2.1) Methods: Analysis of operational reliability through:


  1. Estimation of the remaining life of the cable system.

  2. Location of the cable route, location and evaluation of the union accessories.

  3. Evaluating the condition of the terminals.

  4. Locating failures and repair cable.

  5. Partial discharge test - PD -.

  6. Commissioning electrical tests in medium and high voltage based on IEC standards.


2.2) Execution of repairment work, including:

  • Location and correction of failures in the cable system.
    Replacing old cables
    Spare parts supply, of cables and accessories
    Commissioning tests - tests after any repair or modifications on the existing system.
    Emergency service.

3) Emergency Services:

The main objective of the Emergency Service delivered by ESCISA is to minimize the high costs for our customers generated by the power outage caused by unforeseen failures.

This service will be available after examining the characteristics of the existing system and purchase of the accessories or spare parts needed to restore the operating conditions of the systems.

Regarding this, and previous agreement with the customer, ESCISA offers a storage system of spare parts and accessories under controlled conditions for urgent and speedy repair.

Our services are:

  1. Location of failures.
  2. Spare parts in stock.
  3. Repairments.
  4. Availability 24 h / 7 days a week.

4) Electrical Testing Service:

For projects where ESCISA participates, delivers, upon request, the following services:

  • -Routine tests on XLPE cable and accessories.
  • -Tests before and after the stringing to check the quality of the cable.
  • -System testing of the cable installed - Commissioning Test based on IEC     standards through the use of Resonant AC equipment.



The structure structure and experience ESCISA the company is able to offer the following services:

  1. Supplies of equipment and materials, including transport logistics in field.
  2. Study of new projects using technology and innovation of their represented manufacturer.
  3. Dimensioning of the project (detail of materials and equipments and also