ESCISA has the opportunity to offer a complete line of aluminum clad steel wire and wire cables at various levels of conductivity and mechanical strength. Among its important products are a complete line of aluminum clad steel wire ranging from no. 4 AWG to 7 No. 12 AWG, with 3 and/or 7 wires which comply with the requirements for high corrosion resistance and high electric conductivity.

Other products are solid bars, tubes and profiles in aluminum and alloys for different applications. Intral complies with the quality certification ISO 9001 norm, and manufactures in compliance with the highest international standards, such as ASTM B-415, ASTM B-416, ASTM B-502, ASTM B-549, DIN 48200, Part 8, DIN 48203, Part 8 IEC 1232.




                                                                Cables de guarda aluminizado