Our Quality Philosophy


Our goal is to provide products and services at the highest level of quality possible, in a timely manner and in accordance with the contractual conditions specified by our customers.

A high standard of quality is maintained and continuously improved with the challenge of meeting the most demanding requirements of our customers. An open and frank dialogue with our staff, our customers and our external partners is a high priority in our list of corporate responsibilities.

Is an important part of our work continuously monitor every step of our activities so that they are compatible with the environment and improve them whenever possible.


Quality Program


ESCISA maintains a quality program that guarantees the quality of its services and works executed.

With a force of competent and focused on providing the best solutions to their clients work, ESCISA has generated recognized results for quality and professionalism in every sector in which it has performed.

Management transparency, agility, flexibility and deep knowledge in carrying out their activities determine the strength of ESCISA that permanently maintains a policy of expansion into new businesses and implementing new technologies, contributing to the development of the electricity area of the country.




With a view of the fast evolution of business management concepts, ESCISA maintains permanent investments for the implementation of new technologies and organizational improvement, including actions based on its quality policy with effective results in the commitments of its employees and suppliers, in compliance with the cost goals, schedules and quality of services provided.


Quality politics


ESCISA provides services and products that meet the required quality standards, seeking fulfillment and satisfaction of its customers and partners with a continuous improvement of processes, services and products, through effective management of human resources and technological in total harmony with the guidelines of health, safety and environmental friendliness.